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British students cycle an INCREDIBLE 17,000km in 9 months from London to Hong Kong


Three British students have cycled a mind-blowing 17,000 km on a journey from London to Hong Kong over the past 9 months, raising over £13,000 to help fight prostate cancer.

After setting off from Buckingham Palace, their journey has taken them all the way across Europe, Central Asia and will finish at Victoria Peak in the former colony this coming Saturday.

Kashgar to Hong Kong, from 5 Jan 2015

The students set off in July of last year, entering China in late December. They have since cycled through some of the remotest regions in the west of China, scaled the Tibetan plateau and crossed the plains of Guizhou and Guangdong provinces.

Leaving Xinjiang by an asbestos factory, 19 Jan 2015

Along the way through China they’ve taken some cool photos, grown some outrageous beards and collected a treasure trove of anecdotes. They’ve put up with -30°C temperatures, been attacked by wolves and had plenty of tense encounters with less than cooperative Chinese security forces.

Rapid lunch breaks, 9 Jan 15

In Guizhou province, March 2015

For a detailed account of their adventure, you should check out their blog Journey to the East. So far the students have raised over £13,000, but remain just shy of their £15,000 fundraising goal. To support them and donate money to help fight prostate cancer, go to their JustGiving page.

By Dominic Jackson

[Photos via Journey to the East]

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