Me on a bike in China

Never one for sports, I managed to muddle my way through Games at school with one excuse after another. I am sure I hold the longest record for exploiting the injury of an ‘ingrowing toe nail’ to get out of doing rugby!! When people ask at uni ‘oh what sports teams are you in?’, I usually mutter – whilst invariably looking at the ground – I occasionally go jogging: after the trip at least I’ll have a decent answer!!

I have just finished four decent years at Fitzwilliam College studying Chinese and I spent last year in China with Laurence and Nick – yep, the three of us all did Chinese at uni together! – during which we embarked on a ten day bike trip across Henan and Hebei before hitting the smog of Beijing. It was a cracking experience, got to see a different side of China and even played a drum at what turned out to be a funeral (I only found this out after showing the pics to my anthropology lecturer back in Cam!! – see below).


Me playing a drum at a funeral in China

I’m initially down to cycle from Buckingham Palace to Istanbul and then I’ll hopefully fly back to the UK, get a job sorted out and then rejoin the trip as it enters China!


Me on a bike in China…again

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